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Acai Berry Rids Harmful Build up and Toxins

Dec 12

Acai berry is known to be a super powerful supplement to throw those harmful build up and toxins away from our body system. Taking acai berry in daily basis will definitely gives you better health as it is packed with all the necessary vitamins and minerals to keep our body at its best.

A person who are taking acai berry for months has glowing skin because of acai berry’s anti-oxidant which protects our body from harmful chemicals. I have been taking acai berry not because I want to lose weight but to keep my inner body healthy.

When our inner body is clean and healthy, it naturally follows that our skin is clearer and more glowing. And when we have a glowing and clear skin, we look younger and fresher. So if you want to feel good inside and out, get rid of harmful build up and toxins inside your body. And one easy way I know to remove those harmful chemicals from our body is to take Acai Berry.

Acai Berry Is Loaded With Omega & Fiber

Oct 13

Acai Berry is not only rich in antioxidants that prevent or slow down the oxidative damage to our body but also in omega 3, 6 and 9 which is important in lowering our cholesterol and supporting healthy cardiovascular functions of our body.

Acai berry is said to be one of the most nutritious fruits that we have today because aside from its vitamins and mineral contents, it also have fibers that is necessary for inner body cleansing. Consuming
100-gram serving of acai already provides a whopping 3.5 grams of dietary fiber!

Consuming acai berry supplements daily is our key to healthier body because it can eliminate two of the most harmful substances in our body that are usually the culprit of most illnesses. So whether you are taking acai berry pill, or acai berry drink you are ensure of the good benefits that it can give to your well-being.

Acai Energy Drink

Jul 24

So many things to do yet so little time; are you always beating time to meet those schedule and accomplish those “To Do” List?  In a fast- paced world, being on the go becomes our second nature.

And to help us cope, a good energy drink could really do the job. Gaining popularity in this field is the Acai energy drink which originated in the Amazon rainforest of Brazil.

Acai energy drink like Amazon energy drink contains amino acids and essential fatty acids, phyto-nutrients, minerals, plant sterols and antioxidants to give our body the boost we need to keep on going. Acai have a high concentration of antioxidants that are ten times more than that found in red grapes and ten to thirty times the component of anthocyanins in red wine.

Acai energy is 100% juice, green tea, guarana, apple juice, raspberry juice, “natural flavors”, merlot grape juice, taurine, Vitamin C [ 100% RDA], L-Theanine, B6 and B12 [300% RAD].  So when we drink acai berry energy drink, the juice can raise the metabolic rate of our body and improves digestion as well.

It can activate or re-activate our mind, helps blood circulation and an effective body detoxifier. Acai also improves our stamina and endurance, keeping us going for long period of time.

Aside from building our endurance and stamina, Acai energy also helps rejuvenate our muscles for intense physical activity. On top of all these, acai energy drinks are 100% natural – no preservatives or additives, to we are getting a natural way of boosting our energy to meet the day-to-day demands.

Another great thing about acai energy drink is that while it boosts our energy, it is nutritious and it supports our system as well.  It is concentrated with antioxidants so it helps detoxify our body and boost our immune system.

The fiber in the acai energy drink promotes healthy digestive system to optimal functionality. So, acai energy drink is more than a regular energy drink as it boosts our body to perform while it protects it from harmful elements as well.

How Nutritious Is Acai Berry

Jul 15

Ever wonder why acai berry is a big hit among health-conscious people anywhere in the world? This is because acai berry is so nutritious that it is now known as the number one super food!

Most attention given to acai had been due to extremely high level of antioxidants. The carbohydrates [and fiber], “good” fats, amino acids and phytosterols also play a huge role in the benefits of acai.

Antioxidants prevent cell damage and boosts immune system. It also helps to recover from the damage due to stressful activities. Sources supplements of these are Vitamins A, C and E.  Acai have the highest concentration of this antioxidant called anthocyanin.  This is one of the reasons why acai food is considered as the no. 1 super food.

Acai berry contains phytosterols. These are plant sterols involved in fat metabolism and acai contains a high concentration of a phytosterols called beta-sitosterol. Beta sitosterols reduce blood levels of cholesterol and therefore prevent heart disease.

In a 100 gram sample, there were 52.2 grams of carbohydrates — or just over half the weight of the sample. Of these carbohydrates, 44.2 grams were fiber. This is an enormous amount of fiber which is very important in aiding in weight loss; reducing the risk of heart disease by lowering cholesterol; reducing the risk of diabetes by lowering glucose levels; reducing the chance of colorectal cancer; preventing or relieving constipation; and lowering the risk of hemorrhoids.

The second highest components of Acai are good fat- omega [unsaturated] fatty acids. The Omega – fatty acid is essential fatty acid.Omega-9 fatty acid or oleic acid reduces instances of heart disease. Linoleic acid or Omega – 6 fatty acid can be obtained only through dietary intake.  Deficiencies of Omega – 6 fatty acid could cause poor wound healing, hair loss and dry hair. The following are the breakdown of fats in acai;

The third major component of acai is amino acids. This deals with our bodys’ metabolism. It has a vital role in building blocks of protein in our body for preventing cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack, stroke, atherosclerosis or coronary heart disease by lowering blood cholesterol (fiber, beta-sitosterol);  reducing blood pressure (oleic acid);  reducing oxidative stress (antioxidants) and reducing the chance of developing cancers (oleic acid, anthocyanins, polyphenols).

Freeze Dried Acai Berry

Jul 08

Acai berry is highly volatile and would go rancid within a day of being picked. This is because acai berry is 50% fat and due to high fat content it could go rancid very quickly. Because of this, it is not possible to transport this fruit fresh for export to other countries as the fruits would go bad before it reaches its destination.

The best option in transporting acai berry is to freeze dry the fruit. Freeze dried acai berry is far more better than acai products that are spray dried or frozen because spray dried products undergoes a heat process which reduces its nutritional potency.

On top of that, prolong freezing could also deteriorate the nutritional potency of food.  But in freeze drying or lyophilization, the product undergoes the sublimation process, removing water as vapor from ice, further requiring reduction of pressure.

However, there are some differences in the process when it comes to freeze drying of acai berry. One is that acai berry freeze drying does not require heat in the sublimation process.  On top of that, it is mixed with maltodextrin in order to stabilize the product.  Freeze drying contained the fruit nutrients while the fruit is still in the rainforest and the whole process should be done within 24 hours from the time of harvest.

Freeze dried acai maintains all the nutrient and health benefits of a fresh acai. In fact, an ounce for ounce freezing of dried acai creates a much higher concentration of nutrients that the fresh acai.   Basing on ORAC result, 100 grams of fresh acai have an equivalent 5,500 antioxidant rating score while the freeze dried acai  have a score of over 70,000 antioxidant rating.

Acai Berry May Increase Your Sex Drive

Jun 29

Acai is one of the species of palm tree harvested twice a year by Brazil’s Amazon Rainforest.  But nowadays, we can buy acai berry in the form of tablets, juice, smoothies, instant drink powders and whole fruit.

These acai berry products which contain high amount of antioxidants  can increase energy levels, improve digestion, reduce cholesterol levels and increase our libido; in short, acai berry can be also use to improve our sexual drive.

In fact, Matt Lauer of NBC was amused to find that acai berry was commonly referred to by natives as “Amazon Rainforest Viagra”.  This interesting fact had been confirmed by generation of families living around the area Brazil’s Amazon Rainforest.

However, scientists do not have any answer yet as to  how acai berry  really works. The locals of Brazil’s Amazon Rainforest have none as well. They only know it is effective in increasing sexual drive. But what is sure is that Acai berry increases energy and stamina, both playing a vital role in a persons’ sexual activity.

One possible theory why acai berry enhances libido could be due to its ability to stimulate blood flow throughout the body and brain, thereby improving our bodies overall performance. Increasing circulation can aid on preventing erectile dysfunction for men and helps regulate menstrual cycle and ovulation for women.

With these factors mentioned, added with the reduction of weight, heart condition improvement and volume of “good fats” in a berry, it became very apparent that acai berry can help people across the world.

Acai Berry May Fight Acid Reflux

Jun 15

Imagine getting a heartburn! Very uncomfortable, right?  Imagine further if you will have to deal with it several times a week, permanently! Unfortunately, this is a painful predicament suffered by many people around the world.

Heartburn is a primary symptom of acid reflux or GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease).   Common symptoms of acid reflux are chest pain, bitter or sour liquid taste in the mouth, have difficulty swallowing and the necessity to constantly clear ones throat.  This is a chronic condition. Unfortunately, with the lining of the esophagus already damaged, effects will be felt by the patient for the rest of his or her life.

Usual treatment is antacids because it neutralizes the acid in the stomach.  However, antacids are ineffective because it does not have the ability to heal the esophagus lining. More so, overuse can lead to constipation or diarrhea.

It is a good news though that we will not be facing a blank wall to battle acid reflux. A new natural care for acid reflux is already found in the amazing Acai Berry. In addition to other health-enhancing properties such as the ability to lower cholesterol levels, fight off cancer and prevent signs of aging, acai berry is also rich in antioxidants.

Antioxidants protect the weakening cells and boost the immune system to help our bodies fight any kind of infection. The cell-nurturing antioxidants contained in Acai Berry help protect and repair the damage on the lower esophagus.

Further, the neutralizing effect all suppress the acidity of the stomach when reflux starts to occur. On top of this, Acai Berry is an unprocessed food; hence, it is a natural way of fighting acid reflux and could reduce the need to gulp pills every time heartburn occurs.

Acai Berry Juice

Jun 06

I saw acai berry juice in the nearby health supplement store here in our place and it made me think that this is another way to incorporate the wonders of acai berry in our diet once in a while. I just said once in a while because I noticed that the price of acai berry juice is relatively higher than the typical grape juice or orange juice.

But that is expected since acai berry is imported and the source is not as many as the source of our local fruits. In fact, the acai berry juices that are available in the supermarkets are not really pure acai berry as they contain other fruit juices as extender.

If you want pure acai berry juice, the best places to visits are merchants specializing in health food and drink or some high-end grocery chains because pure acai berry juice) is so expensive and its shelf-life is not as long as ordinary acai berry juice with mixture of other fruit juices. If you love online shopping, you will be amazed to number of acai berry juices which are available worldwide, just make sure to read the available information about it.

Check Out This BBB Certified Acai Berry Offer

May 29

Consumers who want to try acai berry but are afraid to experience the hassle of credit card charges, may want to check out the acai berry offer of this site They will not give you a free sample but a one-time sale and you need to reorder if you are satisfied and decided to get a monthly supply.

The beauty in this online retailer is that they are certified by BBB or Better Business Bureau and they can give a guarantee that they cannot store our credit card information because they are using automationwiz, a secure shopping cart provider that handles and process orders. Hence, they do not have access to our credit card number and it is impossible for them to charge us automatically.

And because you will buy the acai berry sample, you are entitled to a 30-day full money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their acai berry supplement. I think, this offer is fair and square enough for consumers because you can but with confidence.

Acai Berry Scams

May 27

I am aware of the growing number of acai berry consumers who said that they were scammed by the free acai berry offer of online retailers who are selling acai berry supplements. In fact, I wrote about where to get some free acai berry samples before but because I was excited to try acai berry myself, I just bought acai berry supplement in a nearby health supplement store here in our place; hence, I wasn’t able to try free acai berry samples.

Many consumers tagged some free acai berry offer as scam because they are automatically subscribed and charged every month after the free sample had been received. The online retailer can bill the consumers who availed the free acai berry sample because they gave out their credit card information for shipping of the free sample, since shipping is in the account of the potential consumers.

However, these circumstances are stated in the fine print in online retailer’s terms and conditions. But of course, we consumers don’t really bother to read these fine prints right? And so, we are shocked when we received our credit card statement and saw the unauthorized charges against our account.

Another reason why consumers said that many free acai berry offers are scam is that it is indeed very difficult to cancel the subscription of their monthly acai berry supply. One needs to be persistent to cancel their subscription because some are forced to sit for more than an hour on hold.

Well, this is a lesson we should learn when availing of anything for free. Once credit card information is required, we should spend some time to read the fine prints of the terms and conditions. We can’t blame these online retailers because they mean business and that is part of their marketing strategies to increase their sales.